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"Mass Romantic, is so indie, it hurts." - BlackBook
"a living, breathing example of what it takes to get along.
Isn't that what politics should be?" - Rob Christopher, Chicagoist
"Critics' pick" - Time Out Chicago

mudgeonsoul productions presents

Mass Romantic

Mass Romantic, a new independent feature by Richard Paro, follows activists and academics struggling with love while creating political art. The film focuses on relationships, while the characters tackle controversial topics in their work. ?Mass Romantic? celebrates the everyday lives of activists, queer people and their allies, and acknowledges the importance of allies in building meaningful, enriching communities. The theme of coalition-building present in ?Mass Romantic? is reflected by the diverse group of individuals involved in the making of the film, many of whom are underrepresented in American cinema. ?Mass Romantic? features independent artists of numerous disciplines, including musicians Heidi Spencer, Coyote Grace, Martha Berner, Renee-Louise Carafice, Actor Slash Model and exclusive live performances by Carrie Lydon, Kate Brown, ROFO and Head of Femur. ?Mass Romantic? was produced with a DIY sensibility after years of extensive story development and workshopping, utilizing the creative input and improvisational skills of the cast and crew.

A group of 20-somethings stumble in love & art in this indie dramedy.

Jamie and Erin's activist theater company sets out to create a play based on PJ?s book of political short stories. PJ hasn't written much in a while... or socialized much either, except for hanging out at Olson's vegan cafe. Erin's girlfriend Bel, having just moved from NYC, prepares for a conference and searches for an apartment, as well as community in Chicago. Meanwhile, Billy is void of direction even with the self-fulfillment classes, but his partner Sally hopes his new job at Olson's café ˇill help. Olson's partner Annette is working on a new quantum physics book and feeling uninspired... as are her students.

Where do you turn when your passion wanes? Your work? Your partner? How do you fall in love with life again?

112 Minutes . Black & White . Not Rated . English


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January 2010 -
Bridgetown Film Festival in Bridgetown, Australia
July 2009 - International Film Festival Thailand in Phuket
May 2009 - BEST AMERICAN FEATURE - NOMINEE - British Film Festival LA in Los Angeles, CA
May 2009 - Black Point Film Festival in Lake Geneva, WI
April 2009 - Encore Chicago Screening
December 2008 - Reel Time Film Festival in New York, NY
October 2008 - Vacant Era Film Festival in Norman, OK
September 2008 - Illinois International Film Festival in St. Charles, IL
August 2008 - Portobello Film Festival in London, England
August 2008 - Deep Fried Film Festival in Lanarkshire, Scotland
August 2008 - HONORABLE MENTION FEATURE FILM - The Indie Gathering Film Festival in Cleveland, OH
May 2008 - Entzaubert Queer Film Festival in Berlin, Germany
May 2008 - Trailer Screening at Looptopia
March 2008 - Women's International Film Festival in Miami, FL
March 2008 - World Premiere Screening in Chicago, IL
October 2007 - WINNER BEST DIRECTOR - LINK Film Festival in Olympia, WA *Rough Cut Screening

Mass Romantic: Music from the Motion Picture

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All 13 independent bands featured in Mass Romantic are now available on the soundtrack album Mass Romantic: Music from the Motion Picture. The 21 song album contains exclusive tracks, including live performances by Carrie Lydon, Kate Brown, ROFO and Head of Femur. Advance copies will be available for purchase at the March 13th
World Premiere Screening of Mass Romantic. Proceeds from the soundtrack album help fund Mass Romantic post-production costs.

Mass Romantic: Music from the Motion Picture features Heidi Spencer, Head of Femur, The Blasphomatics, Coyote Grace, Dave Maxon, Home Demo Vixens, Carrie Lydon, Kate Brown, ROFO, Martha Berner, Actor Slash Model, Renee-Louise Carafice and Ticklepenny Corner

1. Waiting For Me Home (3:14) . HEIDI SPENCER .
2. The Breakup Song (3:02) . COYOTE GRACE .
3. I Didn?t Know (2:00) . DAVE MAXON .
4. Sleep (3:04) . HOME DEMO VIXENS .
5. Songs For Trains (2:48) . THE BLASPHOMATICS .
6. Hurricane (3:26) . ACTOR SLASH MODEL .
7. Insomniac (1:27). HEIDI SPENCER .
8. Isn?t It A Shame Instrumental (3:03) . HEAD OF FEMUR .
9. A Town Called Happiness (4:47) . MARTHA BERNER .
10. Dance on A Hook (4:53) . THE BLASPHOMATICS .
11. Asylum Escape Song (3:51) . RENEE-LOUISE CARAFICE .
12. Just Like Theives (3:09) . TICKLEPENNY CORNER .
13. Witness (3:30) . HEIDI SPENCER .
14. Suffer (4:37) . DAVE MAXON .
15. Honey Bee, Leave Me (3:41) . THE BLASPHOMATICS .
16. Denied (3:27) . COYOTE GRACE .
17. Theme Song (3:28) . HEIDI SPENCER .
18. Radical Live (3:31) . KATE BROWN .
19. Isn?t It A Shame Live (3:06) . HEAD OF FEMUR .
20. Bush Ain?t King Live (2:39) . CARRIE LYDON .
21. Three Little Words Live (3:25) . ROFO .


Richard Paro

Richard Paro
Cyra K. Polizzi

written by
Richard Paro
interpreted by the cast

director of photography
Amanda Clifford

Richard Paro
Cyra K. Polizzi

principal cast
Annette Falk...Petrucia Finkler
Bel Cantrellini...Cyra K. Polizzi
Billy Adler...Christopher Weiher
Erin Campbell...Lori Duncan
Jaime Blasband...Teissia Treynet
Jordan Stray...Crystal Hartford
Olson...Niki Mohrlant
PJ Jaskulski...Richard Paro
Sally...Brenda Barrie

supporting cast
Elyta...Samantha Garcia
Grace / Angie...Riebana Biegel
James / Dean...Christopher Rutherford
Kelli (Marie's Wife)...Robin Posavetz
Laura...Kate Brown
Marie Cantrellini...Sarah B. McLaughlin
Melanie / Franny...Breahan Eve Pautsch
Nicole / Asia...Ruta James
Stuart...Patrick Babbitt

featured cast
Canoe... Mort Burke
Debra...Sarah Goeden
Heidi (Dancer)...Heidi Schreck
Lauren...Mercy B. Oni
Mark...J Kilgore
Nicholas (Subletter)...Kevin Gladish
Patricia (Professor)...Ellen Peace
Sam (Jordan's Roommate)...Tracie Dahlke

VPT funraiser
Carrie Lydon...Carrie Lydon, Kate Rickenbacker
Head of Femur...Mike Elsener, Matt Focht

additional cast
Audience...Thomas V. Clayton
Customer... Rachel Murphy
Grace's Friend...Jennifer Koesling
Matt (Audience)...Rodrigo R. Dienstmann
Sue (Student)...Lauree Enos

Kayle...Lynette Morris
Gina...Paula Setta-Garcia
Gracie...Giovanna Carmella Babbo
Julia...Kristina Burkel
Cora...Tiffany Villarin

Heidi Spencer
Head of Femur
Ticklepenny Corner
The Blasphomatics
Dave Maxon
Home Demo Vixens
Coyote Grace
Carrie Lydon
Kate Brown
Martha Berner
Renee-Louise Carafice
Actor Slash Model

Additional Production Team/Crew
Associate Producer...Nicholas Langholff
Associate Producer...Teissia Treynet
Assistant Camera/ Boom/ Gaffer...Thomas V. Clayton
PA/ Boom...Kelly McDowell
Assistant Camera...Justin Watson
Gaffer...Quentin Lareau
Grip...Jayme Joyce
Boom...Andrei Antipov
Choreography...Cyra K. Polizzi
VPT Art...Ben Garcia
Computer Consultant...Ben Gollmer

"Seek the Truth Now!? story
Richard Paro
"Seek the Truth Now!? writers
Rienana Biegel
Ruta James
Richard Paro
Breahan Eve Pautsch
Cyra K. Polizzi
Christopher Rutherford
Teissia Treynet

thank you
Cast and Crew
Contributing Musicians
Brenda Barrie
Kate Brown
Michael Fitzsimons
Kevin Gladish
Amy Gunderson
Crystal Hartford
Mike Hollander
Kelly McDowell
Breahan Eve Pautsch
Lea Polizzi

also thank you
Joanne Zielinski
Tatiana Tchoryk with Glaceau
Adam Webster with The Side Project Theatre
The Fixx Coffee Bar, 3053 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago IL 60657, (773)248-0841

and with much love, thank you?
Barb and Dick Paro
Barb and Frank Polizzi